The South Africa Methods Time Measurement Association is a non-profit body founded to promote MTM systems and to control their proper use. The SAMTM Association is a member of the IMD (International MTM Directorate) and the recognised national association for Southern Africa.

Sister organisations are located throughout Europe and Asia. Membership includes major organisations, governmental agencies, management consulting firms, universities and individuals.
The association acts as a focal point for its membership which includes companies and individuals from all sectors of the South African economy. The association establishes, maintains and upgrades standards of training, qualification procedures and new applications for MTM systems.

The Council

The Association is governed by a Council consisting of a President, Past President and the Chairperson of the Examination plus two members if the office bearers are not Council members.

Executive Management

The Council appoints from its own ranks an Executive Management, consisting of the President, Vice-president, Secretary and/or Treasurer, and any Council members as deemed necessary to perform any of the duties and functions of the Council.