The qualification as EAWS-Practitioner addresses all staff members in the company who have to create ergonomic analyses or make ergonomic assessments in their field of work: employees, professional and managerial staff from panning, time management / IE, operations scheduling, production, logistics, occupational safety, and product and equipment design, as well as, medical officers, security specialists, representatives from the works council and various other interest groups. It also addresses ergonomic officers and staff members who create or assess ergonomic risk analyses in the company, or employees who design, optimize and / or restructure workplaces in the industrial environment

The qualification as EAWS-Practitioner starts with the training in EAWS. On successful completion of the training in EAWS, the applicant has to acquire practical experience before he can start his training for EAWS-Practitioner (see Illustration).

On successful completion of all required trainings the candidate will receive the “Blue Card” (EAWS), the internationally acknowledged qualification certificate for EAWS-Practitioners. The “Blue Card” is valid for three years.