There are various grades of membership:


Any interested company may apply for Company membership.

Consultancy Company

For companies who wish to provide Consulting Services


For Instructor Membership, the Instructor must be qualified in accordance with IMD qualification requirements


Applicants should be qualified in one of the M.T.M. systems, but persons interested in productivity improvement, work study or industrial engineering are welcome to apply for membership.

Benefits of Membership

Members receive direct first hand information of new data developments, work applications and research findings, technical and practical material, news releases and the Association’s newsletter. The Association’s conferences, special seminars and user groups afford members the opportunity to attend sessions dealing with special subjects.

Discussion opportunities with practitioners who are experienced in their field of application are provided. Practical information exchange between members often solves problems.

Annual Fees

Individual Membership   R315.00
Instructor Membership   R1800.00
Companies up to 2000 employees                   R3200.00
Companies with more than 2000 employees   R5500.00
Consultancy companies(small)    R2500.00
Consultancy companies(other)    R5000.00

Our Bank Details

SAMTM Association
First National Bank
The Lake Centurion
Cheque acc no 55850013737
Branch              261550