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The International MTM Directorate (IMD) is a Federation of National Methods-Time Measurement Associations. It was originally constituted in Paris on June 25, 1957 and was then reincorporated under the laws of Ohio on November 6, 1968. Membership in the International MTM Directorate is held by National associations acknowledged by IMD as representing MTM activities in their respective countries.

The general objective of the IMD and the National MTM Associations is to develop, spread and employ knowledge concerning man at work so as to improve his productivity, his job satisfaction and his working conditions. More specifically, the objectives of the IMD are to encourage close cooperation among all those interested in the study of man at work whether it is in research, training or field of application.

The MTM Organization – Structure and purpose
The worldwide MTM network

The worldwide MTM network consists of over 20 organisations on five continents. Their scope is the distribution and efficient use of MTM for the member companies internationally. Just as the euro binds the European economies monetarily, MTM influences the European business culture in the area of industrial engineering. It is additionally the task of the non-profit MTM Organisation to support research and development.

The organisations work actively with businesses, associations, wage contract parties and representatives from universities, colleges as well as other research institutions. They also arrange national conventions, conferences for MTM users and workshops. They put out numerous publications as well. In order to secure the worldwide uniform standards of MTM, they keep each other in close contact through the IMD. The establishing of MTM Organisations in all countries is also supported, with cooperative measures on location and an extensive transfer of know-how.

The MTM Organisation is supported by professional committees served by colleagues from the organization and MTM professionals from the member firms: the Technical Committees to renew the official MTM training masters and develop learning material; special groups with specific short term improvement objectives. Up to today more than 70,000 production planners, designers, time managers and many others have been trained by the MTM Organization – an extensive job.