MTM Logistics

MTM Logistics is one of the best and easiest to use methods of recording, standardizing and optimization of in-company logistic processes. It is a high-level MTM system derived from MTM-UAS and designed specifically for the rapid analysis of manual motions in the Logistics Sector.
During the fiveĀ (5) day course, the participants acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge of the method and work with case studies to get acquainted with the principles of designing the MTM data structure as well as recording and optimization of logistic processes.
Building blocks:
The system comprises a comprehensive set of building blocks for the following operations

  • Handling
  • Open & closing packing
  • Cognition
  • Lift trucks
  • Electric tow tractor
  • Hand pallet truck
  • Transport trolleys
  • Crane Data

Course content:

  • Recording of logistic processes and their quantitative structure
  • Visualisation of logistic processes
  • Optimization of shelf positioning in storage technology
  • Valuation and management of logistic processes
  • Application of MTM logistic data
  • Determining job times and planning of logistic processes
  • Determining staffing needs

Upon passing the final exam, the participants obtain MTM-Logistics certification.
The SAMTM Association now offers approved training for members who are licensed MTM-UAS Practitioners.

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