MTM-ProKon Product design – simply, fast, interdisciplinary
ProKon stands for Produktionsgerechtes Konstruieren (production-oriented design) and refers in general to all design-related measures to improve production or assembly.

Designing a product largely influences the manufacturing process. The MTM-based tool ProKon supports the assembly-friendly design of products, allows reference to the design quality and a comparison of design options. 80% of the product costs are determined already during product design. At the same time most of the change options are still available during this phase: No workplaces have been set up yet, no suppliers commissioned, etc.

The ProKon method describes and assesses the assembly flow of individual parts and assemblies and helps identify assembly obstacles and their time effect. The results are utilized to develop and assess design alternatives or for benchmarking.

Prokon systematically identifies indicators for improving design solutions and quantifies them according to their effect on productivity.

The advantages of using ProKon:

  • Display assembly obstacles as soon as possible
  • Quantify assembly obstacles
  • Reduce assembly obstacles
  • Facilitate cross-divisional communication
  • Avoid additional product modifications and their related costs

Application fields for ProKon:

  • Benchmarking: compare and assess design criteria of various products
  • Ratio projects: improve already-existing products and processes
  • Develop functional specifications: assess solutions for new products
  • Project application: continuous monitoring to achieve objectives

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