MTM-UAS (Universal Analysing System)

MTM-UAS is one of the most popular systems and is up to 8-times faster than MTM-1 was developed between the years 1976 and 1978 by a consortium which included members of the German, Swiss and Austrian MTM Associations

MTM-UAS is a third-level MTM system that is suited to applications in batch production.  It includes 7 basic motion categories:

  1. Get and place,
  2. Place,
  3. Handle tool,
  4. Operate,
  5. Motion cycles,
  6. Body motions and
  7. Visual control.

Additional second-level standard data in MTM-UAS cover activities such as fastening, marking, packing and assembling.  The analyst time required to apply MTM-UAS is about 30 times the task cycle time.

MTM-UAS provides method description and determines the allowed times in batch production. The system was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • high analysing speed
  • sufficient accuracy
  • small amount of data
  • universal applicability
  • reproducibility of work methods

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