The South African Methods Time Measurement Association (SAMTMA) is recognised by the International MTM Directorate (IMD) as the National MTM Association for South Africa. This gives the SAMTMA the mandate and responsibility to promote the training and use of MTM in Southern Africa. This must be done by complying with all requirements as stipulated by the IMD Code of Conduct.

The SAMTMA must ensure that the set minimum IMD training and practice standards are complied with. This does not only refer to the original MTM/EAWS training (Training certification – valid with no expiring date), but also to the maintenance of academic qualifications, knowledge and practice of MTM/EAWS practitioners (MTM/EAWS Blue Card practitioner certification – only valid for three (3) years).

The IMD (International MTM Directorate) within the MTM global network of international companies and labour federations/organisations must ensure that practitioners in the different countries apply and use MTM in a consistent way. The MTM/EAWS Blue Card practitioner’s certification system is an important contributor towards this. The MTM/EAWS Blue Card serves as the practitioner’s licence for the specific system, valid for three (3) years and must then be renewed.

The SAMTMA does the Blue Card assessment and certification themselves but appoints organisations with registered instructors to present the MTM Blue Card Seminars.

The present minimum assessment requirements for the different MTM/EAWS systems are:

  1. Practice in a specific system on the shop/office floor with a duration of at least ten (10) work days per year. Must be certified by the employer.
  2. Submit evidence of competence in the specific system to be evaluated by the SAMTMA. Evidence submitted for evaluation by SAMTM must indicate the competence of the delegate in the specific system. This must include the analysis for a present/As-Is process as well as the development of a proposed/To-Be process.
  3. Practitioner must successfully pass the specific system theory and practical examinations of the specific system.

Seminar information:
The one and a half (1.5) day seminar for the different systems is designed to give practitioners the opportunity to attend a short presentation on the specific system, which will be followed by a discussion on the correct application and interpretation of the results in a group.

A practical exercise will be done to prepare attendees for the assessment (theory and practical examinations), on their knowledge and competence of the specific system. The workplace evidence the practitioner wants to submit will also be discussed.


The cost for the seminar and assessment is available on request.


MTM/EAWS practitioners or their employers can contact the SAMTMA office
( to arrange for a seminar.